How To Make Jenga Blocks Slippery

There’s no doubt that Jenga is one of the most popular games worldwide, and it’s also included in the list of the major indoor games coming in as a personal favourite of family and friends.


How Jenga Works

The goal of the game is pretty simple: after stacking the blocks (54 in total) in a 3x3 grid, you and your friends have to take turns pulling a block from its position and stacking it up on the top.

At first, this may seem really easy; however, the actual thrill begins when one of you decides to pull a block that’s in “danger” and the tower starts to shake a bit. You’ll inevitably think that if you freeze in your position, you’ll stop the tower from crashing down.

One of the best things about this game is that it tests and enhances your strategy and skill. If you’re wise enough to play safe all the time, then you survive; if you know which block to pull, you survive.

The Problem of Slippery Jenga Blocks

Although the game’s mechanics and "fun factor" are already great, there’s still an issue when it comes to the block’s texture.

Generally, the texture of the wood Jenga block is rough, making the “pulling” part pretty hard for some players. This somewhat interferes with the fairness of the game, as one doesn’t know if the block he’s about to pull is stubborn.

If you’re having trouble with your Jenga game because of the wood texture, here’s one thing you can do to make your Jenga blocks slippery so that things are fair for everyone playing:

Apply Candle Wax or Polyurethane

In this case, you have to at least sand the blocks for a smoother surface, and then apply the medium. Keep in mind that you might have to maintain the application of candle wax or polyurethane on the blocks.

You can also try and smooth it first through sanding; if this works, then you don’t have to apply anything to reduce friction with the Jenga blocks. If it doesn't work, you have the choice of doing the above to achieve the desired result.

This video demonstrates how you can apply a wax finish to your Jenga blocks:

A Stand For The Wooden Blocks

The original components are specifically made as to provide the best gaming experience for players.

Think of it like this: the manufacturers of Jenga may have designed and used the wood blocks with the given texture to make the game even more thrilling and fun. Also, just a little disclaimer: making modifications on the wood blocks may ruin the components of the blocks and produce unintended negative results.

To conclude, it’s up to you if you want to make certain changes on the game's blocks. It’s the fun experience that counts, so do whatever will allow you to have the most fun!

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